The Business Value of Kubernetes: Auto-scaling and Self-healing demo with VIP AuthHub

Businesses have always sought ways to improve efficiency, scalability, and resilience. Cloud architecture and Kubernetes have revolutionized how organizations build, deploy, and manage applications. At its heart, Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration platform, but its business value far surpasses simple orchestration. Among its many features, the capabilities of auto-scaling and self-healing stand out. Both capabilities ensure seamless user experiences and facilitate reduced operational costs and improved reliability.

Broadcom’s VIP Auth Hub: Leveraging Kubernetes’ Strengths

VIP AuthHub brings next-generation authentication solutions on a cloud-native platform. One does not have to be in a managed cloud environment like those provided by Amazon, Microsoft, or Google to harness the power of Self-healing and auto-scaling for applications. Our on-prem cloud environment is built using an OpenShift Kubernetes implementation, where we showcase the auto-scaling and self-healing capabilities of the deployed VIP AuthHub solution. If you are in a hosted cloud environment, reaping the benefits of a cloud-managed Kubernetes environment is just the same.

In this demo we discuss self-healing and horizontal pod scaling (HPA), the building blocks used for autoscaling in a Kubernetes environment.

Scalable Authentication: Auth Hub dynamically auto-scales its capacity to handle unexpected peak loads, preserving the user experience.

Uninterrupted Service: Thanks to Kubernetes’ self-healing features, the VIP Auth Hub remains operational even if specific components face issues. 

Implementing cloud architecture with Kubernetes optimizes resource utilization in response to real-time demands while minimizing service disruptions. Many, if not most, medium and large organization have their own data centers. Investing in an on-premises Kubernetes deployment empowers businesses to tap into the transformative features of auto-scaling and self-healing.

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