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Running Access Certification is hard.

The purpose of access certification is to regularly review and validate the access rights and permissions assigned to users to prevent unauthorized access, maintain security, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. A critical step for access certification requires identifying Users and Resources. This determines the users (employees, contractors, etc.) who have access to various resources within the organization, such as databases, applications, and file shares.

Collecting this access information is non-trivial that may require building connectors to multiple data endpoints.

Data exports like CSV files are an excellent alternative to provide data as feed information into the Governance solution for a fast ROI and business value. There are pros and cons to any approach, still, given a large eco-system, a feed-based solution that can ingest data export files in different formats is easy to consume for many businesses and their business units.

Another critical aspect of access certification is the remediation of rejected access. If discrepancies or inappropriate access are identified during the certification process, corrective actions are taken to revoke unnecessary access. In the absence of a connector, this can be a challenge.

ANA Can help with all aspects of your Identity Governance Program. We have helped organizations move over 200 data sources for access certification from inception to production, in weeks.

Let ANA help bring velocity to your IGA Certification program. We will help minimize friction with and exponentially improve the adoption of your IGA Certification Program.

Our solution and Broadcom’s IGA stack make running Identity governance certification campaigns with different data types easy.

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